Powerful, Personal Moments of Living Life with the Holy Spirit

Together with the Holy Spirit, Angilee Clarke leads
us on a spiritual journey of heavenly visions, dreams, and visitations, that impart the heart of the Father toward us.

Announcing upcoming book launch:

On June 4th 2PM to 4PM, visit Rev. Dr. Angilee Clarke at 180 Wilkinson Rd Unit # 28, Brampton, ON L6T 4W8, for book signing.

Simply awesome

This journey of revelation brings you into the heart of God

It is all about knowing His Spirit, and coming into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him through His Spirit. Of becoming “in Him’, through obedience and knowledge given here on earth and within the heavenly realms. With the tangibility of words being breathed on by the Spirit of God, this book draws our hearts into a desire to be taught by Him, to be quiet with Him, to be intimate with Him, so that we too can live the life that we were meant to live with Him.

Key message benefits

Life with the Holy Spirit

Our lives are endlessly variable; though we may not express it, we long for an experience that alters the trajectory of our lives, something that leaves a lasting impression. There are supernatural abilities that God has placed inside of you just waiting to be developed and activated. So, why wait a day longer? Captivated: Life with the Holy Spirit helps you identify the power of the Holy Spirit within you and teaches you how to sustain a powerful, intimate, and dynamic relationship with Him that will transform your life! In this book you will learn how to:

Live the life, you cannot live without the Holy Spirit.

Depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit as you become aware of His presence.

Increase your relationship with the Holy Spirit and learn His signature characteristics.

Position yourself for the Glory of God to manifest and to release through your life.

I Dedicate This Book

First and Foremost,
To the Holy Spirit

And to all those who are hungering for a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit. I pray that this book will help and encourage you as you learn to lean on the one who loves you more than anyone could

A Blueprint for Life

My purpose in writing this book is to help readers understand the Holy Spirit more clearly and recognize just how powerful he can be in their lives. It is important to me that they know that developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit is the only way to know the mind of Christ. The passages in this book are meant to serve as a compass and guiding light that introduces or reintroduces readers to the person of the Holy Spirit; in the hope of helping them better understand who he is, what he does, and where he dwells. Through the principles and practices of the Gospel of Jesus, they will learn how to gain access to a bountiful and fulfilling relationship with the Holy Spirit. “Captivated” combines a knowledge base with many life experiences to enlighten the mind and instill a deep sense of intimacy with God in both body and soul.

I'm on a mission to help

You live life with the Holy Spirit.