AUTHOR, Rev. Dr. Angilee Clarke ThM

Angilee aspires to learn a new word every day. It wasn’t unusual for her to read the dictionary in her spare time as a young child. Every happenstance becomes material for a story.

She writes with such passion and feelings that the reader becomes a part of her writing. Angilee has always been fascinated with writing. How could she not, when her parents were such amazing storytellers.

Occasionally, her love affair between her fingers and pen causes her pointer finger a lot of discomforts, but that didn’t stop her from writing every chance she got.

At fifteen, she entered a writing contest, a program designed for young writers in Canada, at the YMCA. She placed second for her short story.

She finds her power and voice through writing. She was encouraged by colleagues, family, and friends who read some of her materials to write a book. Angilee kept these words as an inspiration to write and illustrate her own books someday.

In 2020, she sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit prompting her to write her story. So, she seized the opportunity to share her experiences.

The dream of writing a book became a reality in 2021—she completed her manuscript. She contacted Word Alive Press, and the connection was incredible. She knew the directive was from the Holy Spirit. It was all perfectly timed before time ever began.

Angilee’s mission is to work with women. She has used her gifts of encouragement and teaching to minister to women for the past fifteen years. Her passion is that women know and live the truth of God’s Word. She is the director of “Beacon of Hope” , a ministry within Kingdom Revolution Breakthrough Ministries (KRBM) designed to equip and empower women all over the world.

She is an inspirational speaker, pastor, life coach, and accountant. Angilee holds a Master of Theology and a Doctorate in Divinity.

She loves nature and enjoys taking long walks. At these times, the Holy Spirit speaks to her most clearly.

Angilee is married to her high school friend and prayer partner for the past thirty years. She pastors with him at KRBM. They live in Ontario, Canada with their two adult children.



A: I can honestly say this book was inspired by the Holy Spirit. He has always been a part of my life, but I never thought of writing a book on the Holy Spirit in my wildest dreams. Due to my speech impediment as a child, I have always found my power and voice through writing. Of all the things I have written, this was the most enjoyable material I have done. The words came out of my mind like water flowing from a stream. I want to share my experience to let everyone know that the Holy Spirit is here, he is real and he does wonders amongst us.
A: In the book Captivated, an in-depth look at the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian is presented. The book is filled with life experiences of encounters and re-encounters with the Holy Spirit that will deepen your relationship with God. It provides a comprehensive explanation of who he is, where he dwells, and what he does. As a result of Christ's death and burial, the barrier of sin between you and God was removed through God's love and forgiveness. He began to dwell within you; your heart became His home. The Spirit of God came into your heart, bringing life and connection to you. Before your heart was like a house without power—cold and dark—but the Holy Spirit moved in and created a spiritual atmosphere. Although we may not know the how or the where, we do know that the Spirit’s presence in us brings assurance of an eternal life to come.
A: Writing this book has taught me that you don't know your true capabilities until you step outside of your comfort zone. There is greatness buried deep inside every human being, just waiting to be released. One of the biggest challenges I faced was building my confidence. Initially, I was concerned that I might write something wrong or someone might not like what I write; but I’ve learned that there is no right or wrong way of writing. Therefore, I learn to ignore the doubts in my mind and write regardless of what makes sense. I can always go back and correct it. I know that I’m not perfect and each stage will get better as I continue to write. A written piece, whether an essay, book, or autobiography, allows you to explore the depths of your own mind, revealing emotions you never knew you had before you started writing. I’ve learned that you can be more effective if you are distinguished and find passion in your work.

A: As they read through “Captivated”, I hope readers will benefit from:

  • Learning more about who the Holy Spirit is and how he works in a believer’s life
  • No matter how difficult the situation may seem, the Holy Spirit is always with you. If you are a true believer, you can feel his presence supporting you. The Holy Spirit gives you the power to help yourself, to overcome whatever challenges you face. He sustains, energizes, and keeps us on the path of right living.
  • Becoming familiar with the names and attributes of God, they will learn that He places a high value on relationships, beginning with the relationship in the Trinity!
  • Holy Spirit empowers believers to be saved, filled, sealed, and sanctified. He reveals God’s mind, teaches, and guides believers into all truth, including knowledge of the future. May each of my readers use this tool to their advantage and find a renewed sense of awareness.
A: I plan to finish the book I started on the techniques of sustaining a good balance marriage.
A: I plan to finish the book I started on the techniques of sustaining a good balance marriage.
A: I would say, write from your own experiences. Don’t give up! If writing is your passion, there is a road that will lead you somewhere, don’t get off it until you find the right place. In other words, write and keep writing, and every chance you get to share it, do it.

A: They can find me through:

  • Instagram: Angileeclarke
  • Facebook: Angilee Clarke
  • Website/Blog: https//www.angileeclarke.com
  • Tik Tok: @angileeclarke

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Desire to build a strong, meaningful, daily relationship with the Holy Spirit

An incredibly thoughtful, theologically sound, life-impacting, unique, and special gift to help the young and mature Christians.


Intimate & Private

The Holy Spirit not just as God’s empowering agent but as a personal Spirit who desires to be part of our everyday lived experience...

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Incorporated in the writing reinforce hope, resiliency, and determination in one spiritual journey...

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The pages of this book are mind-blowing and stir up an immediate passion for more...

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Creates a spiritual atmosphere

 The book is filled with life experiences of encounters and re-encounters with the Holy Spirit that will deepen your relationship with God

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